Dr Kayleigh Young

Meet Dr Kayleigh Young

Leap Psychology and Consulting is Dr Kayleigh Young’s private practice consultancy specialising in a range of clinical and organisational services. Kayleigh is a registered Clinical Psychologist and board-accredited supervisor. Kayleigh has expertise delivering a range of assessment and therapeutic services across clinical, forensic and organisational contexts. She has worked across both the public and private sectors with youth and adult clients experiencing a range of presenting issues. Kayleigh is experienced in supporting clients with depression and anxiety, stress, workplace issues, trauma and abuse, offending behaviour, substance use, family violence, grief and loss, interpersonal difficulties and suicide risk, among other mental health and wellbeing concerns. Kayleigh has a particular interest in the impacts of trauma and is experienced in the delivery of a range of critical incident support services.

Additionally, Kayleigh is a skilled trainer and facilitator passionate about workplace wellbeing. Kayleigh consults with organisations to assist them to build internal capacity through the identification and development of wellbeing initiatives and programmes. Kayleigh has worked extensively with organisations in the delivery of services such as employee assistance programmes, critical incident support, training, clinical supervision, manager support and the implementation of in-house peer support programmes.

Dr Kayleigh Young

Founder and Clinical Psychologist

Our Services


We provide evidenced based counselling and assessment services for a vast range of mental health concerns. Our sessions are tailored to the presenting issues and individual needs of each client. We foster a collaborative approach to develop deeper insight and improve overall wellbeing.


We provide clinical supervision for psychologists, counsellors and mental health professionals. Supervision is provided by a clinically endorsed, board-approved psychology supervisor. Our supervision services are designed to meet a range of industry needs and can be engaged on an ongoing or one-off consultation basis.


Our training programmes address a range of topics in the field of psychology, mental health, and workplace wellbeing. They are designed to suit any industry and are delivered by professional psychologists. Our programmes can be customised or created specifically to meet the needs of your workplace.


We consult with workplaces on a range of mental health and wellbeing strategies. Our psychologists assist organisations to identify and implement wellbeing initiatives. The organisational services we deliver can be tailored to your needs and designed to support employees, teams, managers and leaders as well as organisations as a whole.

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