Our Workplace Wellbeing Services

Leap Psychology and Consulting emphasises a proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing. Offering a range of workplace supports, our organisational services can be tailored to your needs and designed to support employees, teams, managers and leaders as well as organisations as a whole.

We consult with organisations on a range of mental health and wellbeing issues adopting a collaborative approach to assist in the identification, development and delivery of employee wellbeing initiatives. 

Our service offerings include:

Employee Assistance Programme Guidance

Workplaces recognise the importance of effective Employee Assistance Programmes in supporting the wellbeing of their employees.  We provide consultation to assist in establishing an Employee Assistance Programme or optimising an existing programme. This includes guidance on service design, selection and delivery as well as what to look for when selecting an EAP provider.

Critical Incident Support

In any workplace employees have the potential to be exposed to traumatic experiences such as a workplace accident, sudden death of a colleague or client or a threat of physical or psychological harm. To assist employees to process the normal physical and emotional reactions that may result from exposure to critical incidents we provide individual and group-based interventions such as psychological first aid, defusing, debriefing and follow-up support.

Wellbeing Stocktakes

Stress can be acute or cumulative. Our wellbeing stocktakes offer employees a confidential opportunity to discuss stressors and reflect on self-care practices with a skilled professional. Our wellbeing stocktakes can be delivered in individual or group formats and encourage employees to take a proactive approach to improving their overall wellbeing.

Manager and Leadership Support

Managing and leading teams in the modern workplace comes with its own unique rewards and challenges. Our support and coaching can assist managers in leading teams, communicating effectively, supporting employees, achieving goals, identifying areas for professional development and successfully managing workplace challenges.

Harnessing Internal Supports

Employees are an invaluable support to each other. We work with organisations to assist them to build internal capacity through the identification and development of internal wellbeing initiatives and programmes, such as peer support. Additionally we provide external clinical support, such as supervision, professional development and consultation to those in internal employee wellbeing or support roles.


Giving employees training opportunities demonstrates an investment in their ongoing professional development. We deliver training programmes addressing a range of topics in the field of psychology, mental health, and workplace wellbeing designed to suit any industry. Programmes can be customised or created specifically to meet the needs of your organisation.

Clinical Supervision

Providing organisations with external individual or group clinical supervision to allow employees to have a confidential space, separate from organisational supervision or line management, to enhance their clinical skills and knowledge through engaging in reflective practice.

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